Tickets for 2019

Kimpton 2019 kicks off at midday on the Village Green [Stage 2] and doesn’t finish until the last fiddler sings.

To plan your day see the festival schedule.

Early Bird Tickets

Buy early bird tickets for Kimpton Folk Festival in 2019.
With such a superb offer - you’d better act fast! See details below for great savings!

There are two ticket types: Afternoon and Evening.

Afternoon Tickets

Afternoon tickets give you admission to all three afternoon concerts - Hall Concert 1 (12.30-2.30)
Church Concert 1 (2.30-5.30) and Hall Concert 2 (4.30-6.30).

Afternoon tickets are currently being offered at the Early Bird price of just £15. This offers ends at the beginning of April, when they will revert to their price of £20.

Evening Tickets

Tickets for evening concerts (Church Concert 2 or Hall Concert 3) are £20 each.
To plan your day see the festival schedule.