Enjoy the music before and after our Events


Kimpton Folk Festival 2019

Enjoy some of the artists booked for 2019 on Spotify. We’ve picked five tracks from each artist - a great playlist for a very exciting festival in 2019. If you don’t know all of the music - this will enhance your enjoyment of the festival and your listening. Enjoy!

The Churchfitters FEB 2, 2019

If you are thinking of coming to see the Churchfitters at Kimpton Memorial Hall on February 2, 2019, then why not have a listen to them on Spotify.

Buy tickets to the concert on Feb 2, 2019.

Kimpton Folk Festival 2018

We’re you at the festival in 2018? If you were, rediscover some of the brilliant music from 2018’s artists. If you weren’t - enjoy it anyway!

Kimpton Folk Festival 2017

What a great year! Including Wild Willy Barrett, Ewan Mclennan, the Carrivick Sisters, Ben Smith and Jimmy Brewer and many more!

Kimpton Folk Festival 2016

Our first wonderful festival. What a lovely line up. Enjoy it and remember what a lovely day it was!