This Year's Workshops at Kimpton Folk Festival

John Rowlands

John Rowlands looks forward to this year's workshops.

No Folk Festival would be complete without workshops for you to learn a new skill or improve an existing one. The Kimtpon Folk Festival is no exception. There will be four one-hour workshops on the Saturday afternoon in the Dacre Rooms led by passionate and skilled teachers in their art. The workshops will be timed so that you can even go to all four. Each workshop costs £5 on the door.

1pm: Spoons

Led by June Rowlands. A musical instrument for all. Come along and learn the basics then take your own favourite spoons along to a music session and be part of the music making.  Jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes, marches ….  June is an accomplished fiddle and voila player and is trustee of the Kimpton Folk Festival. June has taught the spoons for many years at various folk festivals and will be teaching at the Wessex folk festival in June this year. Spoons will be provided.

2pm: Poetry

Led by Ilse Pedlar. A workshop for all abilities, even those who have never written a poem at all. Using various writing prompts, participants will be able to write their own poems in a supportive and encouraging environment and leave the workshop with drafts of at least 2 poems and ideas for many more.  No previous experience necessary, just enthusiasm! Ilse has had poems published in many magazines and several anthologies. She has been placed in a number of poetry competitions and is the winner of the 2015 Mslexia Pamphlet Competition. Her pamphlet, The Dogs That Chase Bicycle Wheels was published by Seren in March 2016. She was recently shortlisted in the National Poetry Competition and is also the poet in residence at Sidmouth Folk Festival this summer. Paper and pencils will be provided.

3pm: Harmony Singing

Led by Said the Maiden. A fantastic opportunity to learn the tricks and techniques to bring wonderful harmonies into your singing. Said the Maiden:- Jess Distill, Hannah Elizabeth and Kathy Pilkington make up this local ensemble. They are featuring at the folk festival and will wow you with their original versions and harmonies on traditional songs. Said the Maiden are the winners of the Bristol Folk Festival’s prestigious Isambard award. Bring your own voice.

4pm: Ukulele

Led by Euan Tees. This workshop is targeted at brand new beginners. Even if you’ve never held a Ukulele before, this workshop is for you. You will be led step-by-step through the basics so by the end of the hour you can accompany a song or tune. Euan is an accomplished Ukulele player and has taught many beginners workshops over the years. Ukulele’s will be provided … with the opportunity to buy one and take it away !!!